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What is The Vision?

The Imperial 301

If you don't mind the read, Id like to share with you a little about how I landed here on this journey @ 301 Main St. My name is Sarah Carrillo born and raised in Kenosha, WI, I moved to Longmont, Colorado in 1997 and started my family.  God blessed me with 6 incredibly beautiful children whom were raised here in Longmont. I ran an in-home daycare for more than a decade while my babies grew older then transitioned back into hospitality services as I had done previous to starting my family.  During this time I experienced what the devastating loss of both of my parents was and by 33 found myself single mother and now matriarch of my family. I invested my inheritance to the creation of The Speakeasy in 2012. 11 years later this business endeavor has taught me the extreme ups and downs and has given us the foundation to where we are in present time.  By the incredible hand of God, the Divine timing and orchrestation, we enter the journey we are presently on.  In 2022 the opportunity was given to me to purchase the building that homes The Speakeasy (basement space) and after almost 9 months of due diligence and much work I secured the magnificent Imperial Hotel, June 1st 2023.  Since this day myself and the most incredible men and women whom have been apart of this journey in the restoration of this historic landmark have been working and investing so much valued time and energy into the task(s) at hand.  It is incredibly exciting to have such a clear and definite vision that is destined to come to fruition.  I refer to this project as The God Project simply because it is far grander than anything I, myself can accomplish on my own and I am certain from the trajectory of my life and ALL those involved with "ALL THE THINGS" that this is 100% for our community and every person that shares with us in this vision will be a witness to how incredibly special this project IS and understand what it is I speak of.  I encourage you to join with us on this journey and help support the restoration of  301 Main St, I named The Imperial 301.   This space is so much more than a hotel, it is a community space of beauty, music, art, delicious nutritious food and drink, a juice bar, coffee shop and a lil bodega space in the back of the building.  It will be a significant business not only known across the state but I believe nationally and internationally.  We will draw like minds and persons of same interests and have a super special space unique to Longmont, Colorado. 

If you feel called to do so, we would greatly appreciate any size donation for the project.  This beauty is almost 150 years old and has not had an in-depth restoration for many many decades and for the integrity of this structure to remain in good safe standing, and to keep all the unique ornate decorative accents intact many finances have and will need to continue to go into breathing life back into The Imperial. As this is for the community, it will take a community and I humbly invite you to donate today,  We will do our best to keep updates and pictures and videos of the progress but I also encourage any one interested in taking a tour of the project to please reach out to me, I would love to share with you. 

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 Our mission is simple; to provide a space that is inclusive, welcoming, and encourages collaboration. We are dedicated to building a community that celebrates diversity while offering our guests a truly unforgettable experience. Join us on our mission to inspire and create.



The Imperial 301 - designed to provide an exemplarary unparalleled experience for our guests. With a commitment to once again shine bright setting an example as the corner stone of our community., We are taking success to new heights! 

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